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Nel precedente articolo vi abbiamo parlato dei nuovi video inseriti su

Dicevamo che questi video purtroppo non erano visionabili.

Ecco cosa dice Lockerz in merito alla faccenda:

We launched PLAY with the mission to bring you the best curated videos, as well as original series such as “Angel in the Kitchen.” We want all members to be able to watch every bit of content on our site. However, Lockerz does not own all of the content on PLAY. We get permission, and artists and content providers decide what to allow, including things like what gets shown and where it can be shown.

We understand that some international members are not able to watch the newest animated series. While it may occur again that different parts of the world get access to different things through Lockerz, to ensure an evenhanded approach to the current March Radness competition, we will tally up all of the PTZ earned by Team US for watching these specific episodes and add that amount to Team International.

Quindi noi utenti Internazionali non possiamo vedere questi video, ma possono farlo solo gli Americani. Lockerz assicura che i punti ottenuti guardando questi video non saranno presi in considerazione per la sfida che li vede contrapposti a noi utenti internazionali.